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Kara is the new soft drink that combines the best of different continents. Healthy regional apple juice refined with vital cascara. A modern soda that gives you all the pleasure plus sustainability - just trying to make the world a bit better ;)

Usually the cherries are discarded or end up in the fields as fertilizer once they are separated from the seeds. It wasn't always like that! For centuries, people in coffee-growing regions have tried to get the most out of their hard-earned harvest. They started to infuse the coffee shells with water as tea and refine them with their own herbs.
Depending on the region, the boiled coffee bowl then got its own name: Cascara (El Salvador), Hashara (Ethiopia), Sultana (Bolivia) or Qishr (Yemen)

After the coffee harvest, the beans are separated from the coffee cherries. But what happens to the severed shell that has worked so hard to protect the coffee beans until they have been roasted?


At the time of European colonization and exploitation of coffee cultivation, the infusion of cascara remained as a drink of the indigenous population. This knowledge about the sustainable use of the coffee cherry has received too little attention due to colonial oppression.
Together with Kara we want to change that and create more esteem for the holistic use of resources.

Together, in this unique combination, the refreshing, vital taste is created.
Kara - a sustainable soda that upcycles valuable raw materials - that's what we're working on!

Every year, many tons of ripe apples are left on orchards because it is not worth the effort to pick them up. We think: In times of the global climate crisis, we can no longer afford to waste food. We pay fair prices to local apple producers so that no apples are left lying around in the future.

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